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Angi Dial
• 3 years ago

Ok this made me tear up! Tiny picture charms of her father who has passed away, on her wedding shoes so he could literally walk her down the aisle :) Sweetest thing ever!!

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I would put a picture of my dad on my bouquet so he could walk me down the aisle. I envy any girl who is able to be walked down by her dad.

Awwwwwwww TAKE NOTE: Engagement night: The groom had the bride’s father write her a letter. The letter contained his approval of their relationship. I think I would die. omg that is so sweet..

So dad can still walk with me down the aisle :)

"Something Blue"- heart sewn into her wedding dress made from her dad's old shirt @stefanie smith

Groom writes on brides shoes before she walks down the aisle.

Alternatives To Your Dad Walking You Down the Aisle.

We're swooning over this family photo table! Such a great way to honor your loved ones on the big day.

Everybody fusses about a picture when the groom first sees the bride, but don't forget about a picture when your dad first sees you ♥

in memory. very beautiful idea.

picture with dad before walking down the this!