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The Lettermate - Envelope Addressing Template

I love the Lettermate and I know you will too! This handy dandy small plastic guide will help you get the most beautiful and straight lines when you are addressing your cards and invitations! Fits a w More

Tutorial: Easy Tiny Envelopes

Tutorial: Easy Tiny Envelopes. What a perfect enclosure for a gift card or gift "coupon" from kids..

I am really into erasure poetry and the linework of this blackout poem is excellent. There's nice use of positive and negative space and a nice way to select text. The familiarity of the layout of a a book page helps to create a visually engaging design.

Homemade Christmas Present Idea- Button Art

easy gift - etsy is charging a lot and I could make it for cheap! I think Michael's sells all the same colors with various sized buttons. Just need fabric and possibly a canvas stretcher or a small pizza box :).