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    Timotsk (Jake Hunt), 1870, hereditary Chief of the Klikitats : the only Indian survivor who, as a lad, saw the Lewis and Clark Expedition as it glided down the Columbia River in 1805-06


    Three Paiute Woman

    When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow. Native American prophecy ~I would say this prophecy began to become reality...

    Aztec woman in traditional ceremonial dress.

    Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle. Born 1820 in what is now Rainier Beach. After the 1855 treaty that kicked all Native Americans out of Seattle, Angeline remained in a small waterfront cabin on Western Avenue, near what is now the Pike Place Market, selling handwoven baskets at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.

    Ashishishe aka Curly 1856-1923 Crow Scout for the 7th Calvary. Curly was a scout for General Custer and was released from duty at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Curly survived to describe the battle as he saw it.

    Native American, via Flickr.

    Black Elk, medicine man of the Oglala Sioux

    Sioux Maiden,1908 by Legends of America, via Flickr

    Chiricahua Apache girl

    Beautiful Kalispel Indian girl. SW United States, 1910.

    Kicking Bear, also called Matȟó Wanáȟtake, was an Oglala Lakota who became a band chief of the Miniconjou Lakota Sioux.

    A.M. Duggan-Cronin, Ovambo 1936 .

    You are viewing an captivating image of a Desert Cahuilla Indian Woman. It was taken in 1924 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture shows a Head-and-shoulders portrait of this Beautiful Native American woman, facing left This Woman of the Desert has striking eyes, and is not smiking, but appears happy. We have created this collection of pictures primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact curator@old-pictu.... Image ID# 0078A3B4

    Naiche - Chiricahua Apache - no date

    Black Eagle - Nez Perce - 1900

    Ah-Keah-Boat (aka Jim Two Hatchet) - Kiowa - 1898 1899 by Tom Hattie in the Boston Public Library...beautiful!


    Medicine Mountain Sheep (the wife of Medicine Crow) - Crow - 1905 {Note: Medicine Crow and Medicine Mountain Sheep are the grandparents of the Crow Historian, Joe Medicine Crow.}

    Here we present a rare image of Stinking Bear. It was taken in 1905 by Edward S. Curtis.

    Reuben Black Boy and family [Algonquian Indian tribes of Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma]

    Scabbard Knife, elderly Native American Sioux man who fought in the Little Bighorn - 1936