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    • Winston Churchill

      Medical birth defect

    • Doo Diddy

      Few Human Marvels can ever compare to the unusual case of Count Orloff. He was a human oddity sometimes incorrectly billed as ossified, and correctly touted as being transparent. Ivannow Wladislaus von Dziarski-Orloff was born in Hungary in 1864. While he was completely normal during his childhood, at the age of 14 he began to experience an unknown wasting disease. By early adulthood, Orloff was little more than a living skeleton – unable to stand and in constant pain. To deal with his tragic pain, Orloff took to the opium pipe – strangely enough the pipe became something of a trademark as many of his pitch cards pictured him puffing away and ‘chasing the dragon’. While during his career Orloff was known as an ossified man, his condition was actually quite the opposite. Orloff actually had a lack of bone density and this allowed his bones to bend and twist. Furthermore, his skin was paper thin and his musculature so atrophied that – with the aid of a bright spotlight – spectators could actually see the blood coursing through his veins. Not only that, but when a bright light was placed behind Orloff, the warm glow could actually been seen from the other side.

    • Jeff Richards

      Ivannow Wladislaus von Dziarski-Orloff (1864 - 1904) was normal until age 14, when he got an unknown wasting disease. His skin was paper thin and his musculature so atrophied that with the aid of a bright spotlight spectators could actually see the blood coursing through his veins. He used an opium pipe for the pain from his condition, which became one of his trademarks on stage. The original transparent man.

    • ET

      Ivannow Wladislaus von Dziarski-Orloff (1864 - 1904) AKA "Count Orloff," "The Only Living Transparent and Ossified Man," or "The Human Window Pane," was transparent and he was also believed to have been ossified. It is unclear if he was ossified or not. He was born normally in Budapest, Hungary, but by the age of fourteen, he began to lose his strength. He started to be in pain all the time, so he started using an opium pipe. What was even stranger about him was that you could see through him.

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