Suede finish on bike. Leather flask case Bertelli Nyc


Flask-Hiding Fixies

So Simple. A wall flange, a short length of threaded pipe, a quill stem, and an old set of drop bars are all it takes to put together this clever bicycle hanger

Best Belted Mountain Bike: Paragon Machine Works, 29er with Pinion gearbox: Judges loved the integration of several fantastic technologies on this singletrack ripper. The bike features a Pinion gearbox with 18 gears and more than a 600 percent range for burly and low-maintenance shifting. The guys at Paragon also devised a clever quick-release tensioning system that allows for rapid removal and re-installation of the rear wheel into the dropouts with a mechanism they call the Toggle Drop.

Bicycle Can Cage | $64 from Walnut Studiolo -

fixed gear


Perfection of fixed gear bicycle

#Vintage #bicycle light! Ah, green lantern and bicycles unite

The perfect proportion between me and my bike, the perfect angles.

i'm buliding a road bike at the moment, but i feel the temptation of the fixie world more and more intense. uh-oh. i'll end up with a fixie i'm afraid. i mean how can a bike be this beautiful?!

Fixed Gear Bike Blog and Gallery: Foto

Fixed Gear Blog

gold detail

Sada Bike – hubless, elegant and folds to the size of an umbrella

Wooden frame



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