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All dress up in black&white, u're dressed in the dress I like!❤️❤️

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Why We Should Stop Seeking Happiness

(Open rp, be her) We cupped our hands over our mouths and let out a whistle, our special whistle one we created to call our horses. Soon they came, galloping through the water on their way to us. I grabbed Sarah's hand as they arrived towards us. I put my hand on Shadow's black nose and smiled. Sarah climbed on Ghost's back and I mounted Shadow "Race you to the barn." Sarah smiled, I laughed "You're on." I put a hand on Shadow's neck as he stomped his foot,"We got this boy."

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Bathroom Storage Ideas: The Most Important Considerations

I love the storage in the middle. That's usually wasted space. Robern mirrors offered in a wide range of styles, finishes and sizes.

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8 Rules of Change to Catch the Day.

Karlie Kloss O my Lord, it’s time to pray, when a new sun shines, let’s make hay, So save my land from desert stay, call the oceans salt to melt away. And bless streams with love’s sway, provide my foe and friend a bloodless day, invite boys and girls for peace to pray, then send a ray of hope for a new way."