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    Makes me sad 4 sure



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    so tired


    Help! Let me in! The dog is after me!

    Please don't take my playhouse away.

    It was like this when I got here!

    black swans

    shake, shake, shake

    Penguin Heart.

    Wowa! wher u goin?


    mmmm... yeah.

    Doggie hugs

    And whine pathetically until owner gives in or yells at me to lie down.


    We are in love

    ...Whatcha talkin about,Willis !

    My dog winks at me sometimes.... and I always wink back in case it's some kind of code. ;)

    hahahaaha I can see my Harvey saying that to my kid!

    Aww lol these dogs are so cute with their big ears and droopy face

    So thankful I found my best friend Alice Jane.