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  • Heather Jostmeyer

    my fourth tattoo :) it’s for my 5 year old brother. when he was a baby we always called him bunny which has morphed into other nicknames like bun bubba etc. i’m going off to college in a couple weeks and just wanted a little piece of him with me! done by the fantastic berger of laughing buddha in seattle!

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I've always wanted a lotus tattoo but too scared of commitment to go through with it!!

I have my uncle Greg's initials on my back and I've been thinking of adding to the very simple tattoo. I love the flowers and leaves around this tattoo

reminds me of the story of the fox in the Little Prince and my next tattoo is going to be based on the book, still figuring out the concept and design though.

It is a compilation of pieces from the artist Conrad Roset. It was originally a watercolour so transferring it to tattoo form was quite hard. Tattoo artist Steli at Barry Louivaine’s House of Living Art in London.

I would love my miyazaki sleeve to be like this, with some edits. The incorporation of traditional art could be included or not.

Cutest tramp stamp EVERS! And she has a Hello Kitty tattoo on her hip! Her dad made her get them so she would stay a virgin forever ; )

Okay, I've been trying to design a side piece for awhile now. It will be centered around my current anchor tattoo. Gotta remember this for when I'm getting it drawn out-- love the water.

From fyeahtattoos; "done by ryan macgibbon at new york abstract tattoo in brooklyn, ny."

The artwork from the poem “The Edge of the World” by Shel Silverstein from the book Where the Sidewalk Ends. My favorite book growing up and reminds me daily to never take things too seriously.

tattr: HANZ ZARATE Seattle, Washington Hanz Zarate Facebook Page Phone:  (323) 770-1440 Email:

(In Progress) Octopus 3/4 Sleeve done by Fernando of Chronic Ink Tattoo’s, Toronto, Ontario.