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YES! DEAR PINTEREST! Please make it easier to move/delete multiple pins at one time!

You ever wanted to do this when you hear your favorite song come on in the grocery store? I have. My life could be a musical :)

All the time.

No, seriously.

Every time!!!!

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This happens to me all the time!


All the time!!!

That's why I pin so much.


I dont always but when i do pinterest

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pinterest: MACKEDOUT

Dear Followers, Sorry for filling your Pinterest feed with dozens of pins on my most recent obscure obsessions. Sincerely, Obesssive Pinner.-- Lol!!!

Haha. All the time

GIGGLES 73!! - CafeMom

Pinterject: When you can no longer carry on a conversation without mentioning something you saw on or pinned to Pinterest. (by WTFPinterest.com)

Ha! Every single time!

Scrolling through Pinterest...so true!

When I say to you "that's crazy," 99% of the time it means I haven't been listening to a single word of what you just said. Talk thing of importance to me.