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YES! DEAR PINTEREST! Please make it easier to move/delete multiple pins at one time!

All. The. Time.

Every time!!!!

All the time.

Every time!!!!


This happens to me all the time!

Pinterest is My New Google.

All the time!!!

That's why I pin so much.


I dont always but when i do pinterest

pinterest: MACKEDOUT

Pinterest: shaynoyman

Dear Followers, Sorry for filling your Pinterest feed with dozens of pins on my most recent obscure obsessions. Sincerely, Obesssive Pinner.-- Lol!!!

#GrowingUpWithGlasses ~ pinterest: @xpiink ♚


Haha. All the time

Every Time A Kid Notices I'm Using My Phone

GIGGLES 73!! - CafeMom

Pinterject: When you can no longer carry on a conversation without mentioning something you saw on or pinned to Pinterest. (by WTFPinterest.com)