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A couple of braids and a strip all from jersey. More braids make a bolder statement as do braids of varying sizes.

Fall scarf in plaid flannel and leather. Perhaps this could be a fun upcycle project, using part of a vintage coat for the leather pieces.

Looks like it belongs in Fashion, but since this infinity scarf is actually a DIY I'm putting it here!

braided scarf. All this is is braided yarn. but make with thicker/softer yarn...yup yup making this one!!

My cousin Laura made these for her bridesmaids in her wedding and she wore hers last night and I want one so bad! Hopefully it isn't too hard. :)

DIY: braided layered scarf with lace neck

2.-More Box Braid Bangles + Instructions. tecnica como scobidou

There's something really appealing about this scarf. It doesn't take itself seriously, the lace makes it seem more delicate :)