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Apple ukulele ( applelele ). I see so few things that I think are exciting enough to buy AND that we can't make ourselves, but this is darling. I wonder how it sounds.

this is pretty much the most awesome thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! and some day it will be mine.

Today's wish symbol is a ukelele and this is because this is a rare item to see. Even rarer than seeing a ukelele is seeing someone play a ukelele. Should you happen to fall upon this circumstance, ask them for permission to play the ukelele. If they do, you both get a wish. As you make yours, pluck the ukelele 3 times and make your wish each time. Happy plucking! Love, Norah

The Atom Ukulele - If you can dream it,lets build it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to instrument building. Why shouldn't your instrument be as personal as the music you play. Materials: Fret board: ipa - Body: maple - Neck: maple - All instruments are custom made and can be turned into almost any shape or size to fit any occasion. Each instrument is hand made without the use of CNC .

London Ukulele Festival. When I was in college I played a baritone uke. I was a camp nurse one summer and would stand on the balcony and serenade the campers when they came to dinner. Boy that was a long time ago!

Ukelele on the beach :) Dear future Husband.. PLEASE play this! ♥ I love them!!!!! lol

Jaws ukulele get out of the waterlele by celentanowoodworks, $700.00

If I can find an old guitar or ukulele I wouldn't feel bad messing up on... Not for my nice ones!!

Ukelele LEGO. Made by Ross Crawford. The amazing thing? The sound quality of the instrument isn't bad!

if i were forced, under duress, to play a ukelele, i would play this one. but i'm talking serious duress. and that says more about my feelings towards ukeleles than it does of beautiful craftsmanship.

cat concert ukelele. This is soo cool. I have a new ukele but I can't figure out what I want to call her. My first was called Eula.