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  • John Glumpler

    Ice cream sandwich machine - GIF

  • Työmaa

    #looping #gif #icecream #sandwich #factory

  • Cari Parker

    the beautiful machine that makes ice cream sandwiches | The 54 Best Animated GIFs Of 2012

  • Nicole Dominguez

    You’ve never eaten a sandwich that wasn’t an ice cream sandwich. | 12 Signs You Should Probably Change Your Eating Habits

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I love this!! I've read it about 10 tens and I'm *still* crying laughing at it!!

You must be new here… lol i don't have a Tumblr but something tell's me its just as crazy as Pinterest xD

This guy is REALLY (poetically) tired of Grumpy Cat....and its GOLD!!!

Oh my gosh.... I have seen some pretty crazy things at Walmart but I think this is top 5!!! Hahahahaha!

Sooo that's were that image came from!!! I'VE BEEN SO CONFUSED ALL THIS TIME!!!

Ahahahaha! Sorry Joe, you're just not Steve.

Being a book lover is not easy

I am laughing so hard right now !! The last one!! Lol!

Go head on Leo. Swing those arms you sassy man, you!

I think I laughed a little too hard!