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    • Jennifer Zacharias

      Oh so true and how we fail to remember this.

    • Elsie Carelse

      ... never take someone's feeling for granted because you never know how much courage that they took to show it to you .#quote #words #saying #life #love #wise #advice #quatation

    • Kacy

      So true. Even if the feelings they share don't seem good to you. Or aren't what you would be feeling. People love wben positive feelings are expressed but feelings/circumstances aren't always positive. A wise Christian person doesn't try to paint "positive" on a canvas that is torn. She goes to get a needle a thread of hope, compassion, & love. Then, she begins to do the work of sewinging it back together. And in that, she is close and personal and non judging. The person is still a masterpiece to her, even if he/she isn't feeling positive. Why are "positive" people so intolerant of those who are hurt? It's like, all people care about is the "positive", meanwhile, losing all sense of compassion. I love being positive but not if it makes me unaware and intolerant of others. What are people scared of? Actually having to deal with their pain rather than painting over it with something "positive." I would rather do the work of dealing with what is at hand, with love and truth, then, writing the hurting people off as negative and moving on to my life. This world is full of "positive selfies" and not much behind it to back it up. I am a very positive person but recently, that word has been misconstrued to a different meaning. People aren't being positive but rather bulldozers to anyone who stands in their way that don't promote their agenda. Positive doesn't mean anymore, "we are all in this together" but rather, "if you dont tell me what I want to hear, I will write you off as negative and run you down while I achieve what I think is what I want." I believe in true positivity and goodness. But recently, it has been used a a reason to plow over others who don't agree with the someone. There are alot of positive people crippled by their need to stay positive and move forward. Rather than, deal with the mountain at hand, and becoming healthy again. And right beside them is a world who wants them to remain hurting but painted with positive. That way, nobody is functioning fully. Everyone is too afraid to admitt they are not feeling positive for fear of being ostracized and left behind. Positive has become a way of getting what you want rather than a tool to help others. It has become a reason to feel elite rather than a humble reaction to living and knowing God. Positive has lost it's meaning to edify others and now, works as a way to negate any other feelings as not defined as positive. I hope we can one day learn what being positive really means. It truly is beautiful when being used as a gift to us to be helpers to ourselves and others.

    • Crissy Taylor

      Life Lesson... So true; imagine how often we don't want to ask for help, and when we do what a blessing we have received, not only in our lives, but others... Pay it forward ;)

    • Paula Jenkins

      Found this to be so true recently... "Never take someone's feeling for granted because you never know how much courage that they took to show it to you."

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