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DIY Sharpie Mugs

For the past year or two I’ve been seeing these Sharpie mugs all over Pinterest. And every time I see them, I think, “those are so cute. I should totally try that! They look SO easy!” But then I started noticing a lot of comments on those Sharpie mug photos, most of them complaining that while these...
  • Brooke Robertson

    This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make your own DIY sharpie mug and tells you which markers won't wash off! Such a fun & easy project and an awesome DIY gift idea! #studentbudget #gifts #presents #DIY

  • Lacey Slutts

    How to Make DIY Sharpie Mugs | Are Sharpie Mugs Dishwasher Safe?

  • Lynn De
    Lynn De • 43 weeks ago

    @Kat Mackin, so far my plate seems to be OK (for now) w/reg permanent sharpie, I washed it by hand with Hot water & dish soap but I don't think I'd put it in the washer or use any sort of rough scrubby on it. I'm sure that would take it off like you said it did to yours. :( Thanks for commenting to let people know about your experience.

  • Lynn De
    Lynn De • 43 weeks ago

    @Kat Mackin, I put mine in the oven before it heated up & let it heat to I think I did 350 then when it reached that temp I left it on for I think it was like 10 -15 min. then turned the oven off & left the plate in until it was completely cold. I think I will rebake mine same way again but I will let it reach probably 425 & leave it on that temp for about 30 min. before I turn it off & let it get cold.

  • Lynn De
    Lynn De • 43 weeks ago

    I think that I will also try the recommended oil based sharpie pens on the mug I have just to see how that works out. Such a Cute Idea though! =)

  • Chiara Forsterling
    Chiara Forsterling • 42 weeks ago

    Jasmine Brotolaras

  • gina baker
    gina baker • 42 weeks ago

    We JUST did this today (10/12/14) with plain white plates. We followed the instructions to bake at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Our colors faded. We used regular sharpie markers. We are going to see if 350 at 30 minutes will work. We have an electric stove. That might be a difference, too.

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