better than a cup holder. would be an awesome baby gift!

Stretch for an umbrella stroller. Need to DIY one.

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

This is crazy but every mom is thinking.... GENIUS!!

WHERE has this been the last 5 years?!?!?!?! We've driven ourselves crazy trying to find a baby gate for our funky stairs and iron railing. I'm making one of these ASAP before Grey gets anymore mobile.

baby gift. Homemade Car Seat Blanket Another option :)

Wall hanging storage - with 3 baskets - Light beige with orange - white - green leaves, branches on Etsy, $70.00

Oh hell yes!

Great way to organize stroller necessities, would be good use for #BAbyville

Shopping cart hammock. Want! So much better then the idea of lugging in the car seat and a toddler… Or lugging out groceries, toddler, and car seat. :(

60 homemade baby shower gifts- great website!!! So many baby things! And I can make them!

Pregnancy workout with exercise ball

SWOOP BAG. Great way to keep toys together. I need one for boys and one for girls - or better yet - one for each grandchild!

The Traveling Crib | 30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

Great idea!

Medicine through a binky! genius.

I must remember this.

Old baby wipes container as a snack box for a long car trip - 1 for each kid LOVE THIS IDEA!!

road tape! every little boy I know would love this. stocking stuffers?

Oh I love! This would have been perfect for Aaron! Maybe the kid after this one. Unfortunately the new one was locally grown in Nevada... haha

First aid for babies and toddlers. Every parent should pin