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    Thumb tack and magnet with whatever you want to decorate with. Genius!

    Toothpick dispenser for q-tips. Why didn't I think of this?

    DIY shelf- cheaper than Target's $20 corner shelves

    The easiest way to hang a picture! Why didn't I think of this? Pin now, read later! #tips

    im lovin this idea. i hate when im a guest somewhere & cant find more TP & dont wanna shuffle through there drawers/cabinets...I'm always worried about this happening to guest at my house & have TP in several places just in case :)

    Out of sight, out of mind? Ever find yourself not wearing your jewelry because it’s not displayed? These bottles will solve that problem! Makes bracelets and watches so easy to see and organized! Not to mention an attractive table top decoration! Have fresh flowers, stick them in the bottles too!

    Great Do It Yourself Home Ideas – 16 Pics

    jewelry ideas - out of all of these I like the wine corks. Most cork boards do not have the jewelry accent/idea!