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maryruffle: tinywhitedaisies: raspberrytart: Trying to get my ducks in a row (via juleeln)

"is this my personal swimming pool"?

No Horsing Around Here! This Bird Has a Great Ride.

Ct'un Canard, il leve la patte, trouves ca drole. Il leve l'autre y tombes a terre! BAHAHAHA

All your duck(ling)s in a row. Farmer Chris Murray said: ‘The ducklings had been incubated and this was their first outing after they hatched three days ago. . .Ducklings are wonderful, inquisitive animals." Photo: Murray? / RAU

We keep going back and forth about ordering more chickens and ducks because we are going to be dead busy this Spring but I think we are going to end up getting them!

A wood duck baby walking on lily pads - one day I'll get to see these babies in person!

One mallard duckling, four yellow ducklings