Yellow Duckies! So perfect they look like they belong in the bathtub.

Sweet Ducklings

Cute Easter lamb

Everything is better in pink!Geese Wearing Dresses

Yellow warbler

Adorable cute duckling swimming in clean transparent water ...


Omg so #cute baby Animals|

Family (by Carlos Joos)

Black Swans in the Daisy Flowers ~ aren't these black geese? I thought black swans only existed in Dawlish?!

Mellow yellow


^Popular kitten indeed

LOOK AT THE TINY DUCK SITTING LIKE A HUMAN. - buzzfeed of cute ducklings

Forget rubber duckies ♥

the sweetest

Wouldn't it be so COOL if they could stay this small and cute?! [previous pinner's caption]

Duckling ~ most adorable little thing ever!!

Oh, gosh... I guess we'll need the duckies too. Three Ducklings, by Sharon Montrose | 20x200

Lots of baby ducks