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Typographic Illusion Sculpture

how you view things in life SO depends on your perspective. typographic illusion sculpture by markus raetz.

{Typeface Tuesday} A Different Viewpoint /// By Design Fixation

Perspective-typographic optical illusion 20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

It’s not an animated GIF; whatever appears to be happening on the screen is, in fact, happening inside your head.

Trippy Psychedelic Illusion Are the images in the picture truly moving or are your eyes just playing tricks on you?

typographic optical illusion 16talhaduran 20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

Mario Match

Awesome idea for a Mario nursery! Matching game from Super Mario Bros 3 on stretched canvas.

DIY: budget art

There are many reasons to start DIY Thread and Nails String Art Projects but out of all these reasons the unlimited possibilities are definitely topping the list. With 50 nails and a ball of thread you can materialize any shape, any message or volume.

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The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.