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    Cool Song about separating mixtures

    Separating Mixtures

    Scientific Method

    Nutrition Song

    mixtures and solutions resource links

    This test consist of 58 questions that are multiple choice, matching and fill in the blank. Following these 58 questions are 6 density problems. The test covers physical and chemical properties, physical and chemical changes, basic chemistry terms (volume, mass, matter, solid, liquid, gas, mixture, element, compound), characteristics of matter, symbols of the elements, conservation of mass, and density.

    "Quick Six" (a fast-paced card game about the elements for ages 8-12+)

    Video about some of the methods used to separate mixtures

    ▶ The NEW Periodic Table Song (In Order)

    This music video uses upbeat music to help teach the layers of the Earth. The inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust are repeated in the lyrics several times as well as many facts about each layer. Lyrics are not included on the screen. The music style is current and similar to music students are listening to on the radio. (02:45)

    My Biome Song

    Rock Cycle Song

    Classical Conversations --Cycle 3 weeks songs

    They Might Be Giants: "Meet the Elements" (BB Video)

    My students couldn't get enough of the Scientific Method Song by Have Fun Teaching. This website offers creative songs/raps about a multitude of topics. Following listening to the song, have your students complete the worksheets, activities, and flashcards that work hand in hand with the music!

    Balancing chemical equations with Skittles. For my visual and kinesthetic learners.


    The Matter Song (Solid or a Liquid or a Gas)

    Panicked Teacher's Blog: Mixtures and Solutions!

    Chemistry cards (free printables)

    photosynthesis song: chloroplasts and chlorophyll - YouTube For FIFTH grade. Activity: write down the four things plants need to do photosynthesis. Lead Topic: what is photosynthesis.