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  • Carol Shepko

    Sean Connery No arguments - the original and the best Bond #actors #celebrity #Bond #men# #handsome #iconic

  • דְּבוֹרָה מִרְיָם

    LEGEND ARY; Sean Connery, 1962. The epitome of male sexiness! Dark hair, dark mischievous eyes, beautiful sultry voice, tons of confidence (touch of arrogance), and seducer all packaged up in a suit with weapons. I've adored Sean Connery since I saw my first 007 movie on television with him starring as James Bond (all others have paled in comparison). Delish!

  • Dilip Kumar

    One of my favorite actors of all time, be it the Bond in his James Bond movies or, his role in The Rock - connery, sean connery

  • RoughArt GoesPop

    The name is Bond, James Bond. #JamesBond #Photos #BlackandWhite #actors #photography #icon #seanconnery

  • Cathy Anderson

    Sean Connery Yes. I believe this man is beautiful. At any age.

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