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  • Madaleine

    Charlie ran around with his super hero cape he was trying to be superman. Mina and Jared chuckled, Mina thought he was being adorable. Jared smiled and laid back down, closing his eyes and relaxing. Mina looked around it was a warm summer evening and Charlie wanted to camp outside. Jared offered to help pitch a tent. They made a fort/tent out of the sheets and comforters. As Charlie and Jared made the fort Mina gathered the supplies. The candles the lighter, and extra pillow and blankets and carried them to the back yard. And helped set everything up. And this is was the result of their efforts and they didn't look to bad from she was standing. She laid down next to Jared "did you have fun bonding with Charlie?" She inquired, he opened one eye and turned over. "Yes yes I did I actually like the little guy" he said smiling. "Good, cause I don't date boys who don't like my bro or guys my bro doesn't like" she said smiling. "Oh really??? Well then in that case, Charlie what do you say are we cool? Do you like me? He asked in a silly tone. Charlie looked confused for a moment, causing Mina to laugh. Then Charlie stared in confusion she looked to where he was staring and it was at Jared who pretended to be very interested in clump of grass nearby. She lifted an eyebrow "what do you think Charlie, should I date Jared? Is he worthy of me?" She teased. She knew he was probably giving her a dirty look. Charlie pondered and slowly began to shake his head no. "Are you sure Charlie?" She asked. He pondered again. He began to shake his head. "Well you got your answer Jared I guess this means goodbye now" she said making a sad face. Jared looked from Mina and Charlie. When he saw Charlie trying not to laugh. He gave him a look and quickly he started to nod his head. "Ah no can't you see he's nodding" he said looking smug. Mina turned around to see Charlie nodding. She laughed "alright so you were saved by the fickle mind of 7 year old" she said teasingly. "And I've never been more greatful as well to a seven year old before as well" he said. She smiled and laughed As Charlie went back to playing super hero. Mina laid back down to Jared in the tent she snuggled next to him "would you look how beautiful the stars are?" She asked. "Yeah their absolutely beautiful" he said staring at Mina she looked over at him and smiled and went back looking at the stars Written by Madaleine Carrothers

  • Lexi Nelson

    Camp under the stars.

  • Dana Dow

    This makes me think of staging a photo-shoot in a blanket fort. CLEARLY THE BEST IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF IDEAS.

  • Rhiannon Higgins

    couple, couples photography, couples pictures, in love, engagement pictures, engagement photos, picture ideas, tent, camping

  • Jessica Armstrong

    Spending the night outdoors with mason jar floating candles, a tent, laughter, and my boyfriend seems amazing. The only thing to make it better would be a photo to forever capture the memory đź’‘

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"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction." ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~

from the ring .. . to the comfort of her very hands.. . to her soul's very lively embrace.. . she was "the one".. that he had been longing for... "(c) 2013 b4technicolor"

can we just talk about how perfect this is (found on