The Unbreakable Vow! That's cute

:Harry Potter:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry potter world

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Around the World

"The Unbreakable Vow" - Woah.

this would be absolutely perfect in The Notebook!

Harry Potter proposal "The Unbreakable Vow" oh sweet jesus my heart just skipped a beat!!! This is amazing

Fictional bucket list Holes by Louis Sachar have students perform a scene with two students as zero and caveman and one student as themselves but new at camp Greenlake

How I asked my friend to prom and she accepted in a very Harry Potter-esque way.

Beautiful cake! write wedding vows on cake. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Yes!!! Adorable

Omg so perfect and simple!

seriously the cutest thing ever. I got chills and tears!!

A Magical Harry Potter Wedding... Only the cake though

Harry Potter wedding

Nerd wedding

For kids during the champagne toast. Adorable.