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Zac Efron...this is for all of you who only think I have eyes for Ryan and Chan Chan....I'm an equal opportunist

Zac Efron He grew up from his High School Musical days...sob..but still looks amazing

Zac... a juicy piece of man candy ^^ That comment :))

Dear Zac, don't be worried, I am always here to hold you (and then drug you to make sure you can never escape ♥)

And case in point why I love the movie "The Lucky One" they could of just made it him without his shirt on and I'd be fine :)

I love him! It's irrational but I don't care. I think he is the sexiest guy alive lol.

Zac Efron. Sometimes I get it, and sometimes I don't. This I get. He looks very Jared Leto, so that earns him a few more points. :)

I thought he was hot before, but seeing him with a soccer ball just takes his hotness to a whole new level

Hands down favorite, hottest actor. Love him.

I love a man in glasses add a few tattoos and im a happy girl

Was never really a huge fan of Zac Efron, but my God he looked good in that movie recently that I totally can't remember the name of coz I was just drooling the whole time #Zac #Efron #Hot