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Cubone Theory........    i knew this was my second favorite pokemon for a reason

Cubone Theory - I have always felt like this was true. Now I really thing it is. Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan . Like this post says, Cubones wear the skull of their dead mother. I feel if this theory is true, no one will be surprised.

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"The 7 Types of Pokemon Players" #dorkly #geek #pokemon<<<I'm the second and second to last one XD

The 7 Types of Pokemon Players. I'm the fourth sometimes and the last. I enjoy the cool Pokémon but I typically will have a team in mind when starting a new game. It's not always one type but I love dragon and fighting types.

Well, at least this WAS correct. An owl and a little.. gopher, uh, thing.. don't really fit into the 'dino' category

This all makes sense except if you add Chespin, Chespin isn't a dinosaur it's actually a mammal, but Frokie and Fennekin fits~

Oh Father

Oh Father

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. His mama died so a ditto turned into a charizard to take care of him until he could protect himself ; <--- Or Ditto is actually his dad, and his mom was the Charizard in the relationship

Just  some inspirational pokémon quotes

Just some inspirational pokémon quotes

Motivational Pokémon Posters… by elsie

Funny pictures about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Oh, and cool pics about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Also, Motivational Pokémon Posters.

It's tough being a Pokemon medical examiner

I always thought there was something off about free Pokemon healthcare

NEW Clefable and Gengar theory- same Pokemon!

NEW Clefable and Gengar theory- same Pokemon!<<<Also love that Harry Potter reference. 30 points to Jigglypuff!

My first pokemon game was fire red. I still remember the day I bought it at Target...good times. Which was your first game?:

My first pokemon game was fire red. I still remember the day I bought it at Target. Which was your first game? (Mine was also Firered. My friend gave it to me cuz she lost her gameboy and asked the class who wanted it.