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    Man stubble >> Also, John Simm looks like a dead fish in the shot on top

    I saw on Doctor Who Confidential how they filmed it, so cool! John Simm was and is amazing.

    I've never seen any other Master, but John Simm perfectly pulls off the completely insane overlord.

    Doctor Who cosplayers with John Barrowman

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    You having trouble, old man?

    Lol, he comes up with the weirdest things. But he's cute and funny so its fine!

    Poor Mickey! :P

    Oh, Donna!

    Have to remember to show this one to the And the fact that it's the Doctor makes it even cooler

    Behind the famous shot.

    I laughed a little too hard at this

    You can just FEEEL the Scottish in this picture.>>>>>>>>>>Repinning for that comment.

    I feel like everyones so focused on Amy and Eleven or Amy and Rory, that they forget that the Doctor and Rory were also best friends, and you know what breaks my heart, he never got to say goodbye.<-----THIS

    The Doctor wrote "The Chicken Dance." He now realizes his error. ;P

    Remember when Doctor Who was really fun and you didn’t feel like ripping out your insides every episode? Woohoo Team TARDIS!

    never underestimate the whovians


    When you travel around as much as the Doctor...

    I'm sorry, but I already love Peter Capaldi.