Sauerkraut the Sock Monkey mini, free pattern

free pattern

sock monkey water bottle carrier, free pattern

great use for old socks = sock monkey (free pattern), sock art like sock dolls, sock mini-living rooms, or something like sea coral.... VERY innovative article with fun photos.

Free pattern

free pattern

free pattern

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1/2 inch micro crochet baby sock monkey by LamLinh.

Free crochet pattern on Ravelry

Crochet Long Tunic: free pattern

"Handmade crocheted tiny grey sock monkey 1 inch. [This] little sock monkey is crocheted by embroidery threads with full joints, his head, arms and legs can be movable, his eyes are sewn black cored plastics and stuffed by polyfil."* Like sock monkeys? See more on the Crocheters Anonymous website at *Image and text source:

Sock monkey pattern

Crocheted Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

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Sock Monkey

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Free Amigurumi Kitten Pattern

sock monkey chair!

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Sock Monkey Dog Hoodie