The little things

Luv this :)

LOVE this is the little things that makes life what it is! Made me realize how many "little things" make me smile daily! :)

Ahhhhh <3

happy clean.

Just Little Things

Just little things.

When I get older I will have a room in my house that is filled with every classic Disney movie ever created:)

love the smell of rain...smells like incense in the desert...

the little things...

(via Joyce McIntire) I remember the raindrops falling on the roof above my room when I was a little girl. It was so comforting to fall asleep, listening to ""the sound of the rain."

just little things 74.



I still love watching Viv sleep. :)

just little things

Just-littlethings is a great tumbler. the bits of almost daily inspiration make you remember to appreciate what you have and where you're at. it's a "little thing" in itself.

things I love.

This. Is. So. Sweet (: