Tim McGraw oh lawdie I'm gonna have to move to Texas so I can find a man that looks this good in a cowboy hat! <3

Oh, hello there, Tim McGraw

There is just something about Sam Elliot that speaks to me....

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

tim mcgraw

Heath Ledger

Tim McGraw

Blake Shelton - Blake Shelton Picture

Criminal Minds

All I Want For Christmas is Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw fav country singer

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom - 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. ☀ Orlando is nice looking, but sorry honey....you will never be JD!!!!

country thunder here i come!!! @Erin Willson i call dibs

Good lord could he get hotter?!

So much hotness on one stage!!!!

Tim McGraw fans

Tim McGraw