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a toddler and a baby means harder to find the time but it can be done. at least that's what they tell me...

Funny Baby Ecard: Just FYI. I won't be taking naps any more. That means you'll need to get all your shit done while I'm awake. Good luck with that!

Baby sleep positions, for the bedsharing family! Pretty accurate. LOL #cosleeping #funny

Funny Yet True

Baby sleep positions -- lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs. Baby sleep positions -- lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs.

Quiet Kids humor...they must be doing something bad if it's quiet

Funny Family Ecard: The sound of silence: A good indication your child is drawing on, cutting up, ripping, destroying, or eating something they're not suppose to.

every single day

How is it I can start out the day as Mary Poppins, only to end the day as Cruella Deville? ---and what about those days I *start out* as Cruella Deville?

Yes, that would work!

"Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps." Great advice, should I clean when baby cleans and cook when baby cooks too? -------- some ecards. new mom. no shit sherlock. let me find the time.

Dear ex-husband.... is it your weekend yet?

Funny Baby Ecard: I love you so much my darling, but the second your father comes home I'm gonna bust out of here like I'm escaping Alcatraz. Don't we all have days like this.

Hahahaha yes! But a vacation with out the babies would suck horribly so ill take my grocery shopping trips alone lol. This momma refuses to ever spend a single day with out her kids :)

Sometimes As a Mother All You Can Do is Laugh!

You know you're a mom when going shopping at Target by yourself feels like a vacation and going on a family vacation feels like work. Vacations with the kids are so fun, but a lot of work too!

I love you sweetie, but if mommy hears the word mommy one more time, mommy is going to lose mommy's shit.

First Time Mom & Dad: The Best of Som(ee) Parenting Cards--Wordless Wednesday and Hump Day Humor FTM Style)

Really? Now your the saint? Call me a whore? You're a crazy loser! Move along dumb ass!

This is so true! Silence does not bring on relaxation anymore. Silence brings anxiety and the thought, "brace yourself!

When I see another mom with a screaming toddler in the store

Back again for another Things I Love Thursday post. Accurate for my wardrobe. We have been listening to .

Truth! #funny  http://pishposhbaby.com

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