Woofum Sticks DIY- You use refrigerated biscuit dough (or crescent rolls are good too), flatten it out with your hand and shape it around the bottom half of the large dowel. Cook over coals to bake the cup. Fill with pudding, fruit pie filling, or whatever your little heart desires and top with whip cream. So delicious!

Pimped out woofum sitcks!!!

Woofum sticks! We were invited to have woofums at a friend's campfire this weekend and now we are hooked. You wrap a croissant around the oiled dowel and roast it over the coals like a marshmallow. When the woofum is golden brown, take it off and fill will pie filling and top with whip cream. Delicious!

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Campfire cooking: Woofums! Woofums consist of canned buscuit dough wrapped around a special "Woofum Stick" and roasted to perfection. The roasted dough then has a hole for your favorite filling. You can stuff in a hot dog, pudding, jelly, pie filling or whatever you'd like. We had Black Forest Woofums this weekend-- Nutella smeared on the inside edges and then filled with cherry pie filling!

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HOBO ECLAIRS, generously butter the end of a wood stick (broomstick), wrap a square of crescent dough around it, roast until brown, squirt whipped topping inside, then drizzle with chocolate syrup. This is WAY better than s'mores!

Batman Walking Stick

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This is the coolest tarp trick: use a small stick to secure a tarp without ripping the grommets out.

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Woof'em-- biscuits cooked over a campfire then stuffed with sweet or savory fillings need to prep sticks in advance

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