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  • Fashion Feud

    Ethereal Fashion Photography - dramatic and powerful // photo by Wiktor Franko

  • Jessica Abbott

    LOVE this! Element Photo Shoot Inspiration - A monochrome pained model & flowing fabrics give the illusion of smoke.

  • Claire Farrell

    ((Wiktor Franko)) In Greek mythology, Leucothea "white goddess") was one of the aspects under which an ancient sea goddess was recognized. A woman Ino, married a married man, Athamas. She tried to make Athamas sacrifice his son Phrixes (it didn't happen, but that was how Helle, Phrixes' sister ended up dying). Anyway, Hera killed Ino, but Zeus made Ino into a Sea Goddess, Leucothea, or White Goddess, because she had raised Dionysus.

  • Öznur Erman

    Dark Beauty Magazine Model: Ewa Kępys Hair: Ewa Żurowska Makeup: Monika Zielińska-Kozieł Photographer: Franko Wiktor

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