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This is awesome. MTB ladies are pretty freakin' great. Did you know, only 10-15% of all mountain bikers are WOMEN? I like being grouped with these amazingly strong ladies. If it were easy, everyone would do it. ;) Life is good.

Never stop biking

So true.

love <3


Let's ride!

A few rugged, yet well-dressed travelers, circa 1898. Godspeed, gentlemen! Via: Neo Retro | HT: Emiliano Granado

New Full Nelson mountain bike trail in Squamish, B.C.

Vintage Pink Bike with a basket... Why can't I find one like this??

Hanging out on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1914. It's crazy how people used to dress up for everything back in the day. Now it's like, "Suit? Who died?"

The Golden Gate Bridge on Memorial Day/the 75th Anniversary of the bridge. Wendi and I were in SF that day but we weren't able to get to the bridge in time to see it...we heard it was awesome though!

Great pic!

Praying mantis on its sweet crotch rocket!



I was a project in Seattle and would visit my client for a week every month. It wasn't until the third month that I realized how awesome Mt. Rainier was and how RIGHT THERE it is!