• Jen Twist

    Mason Jar Wall Planter- Great idea for kitchen herb garden!

  • Pamela Rue

    DIY Indoor Herb Garden - love this idea!

  • Joy Utecht

    container gardening - this idea is great for herbs right near the kitchen--with clay flowerpots on the deck rails?

  • Fenix Faux

    Indoor herb garden idea -Plants from Wal-Mart on clearance a little more than a dollar a piece. Small bag of potting soil. Pipe clamps came in a 2 pack for $2 and change. Wood= scrap wood. Project was less than $20.00.

  • Claudia Cristutiu

    Mason Jar Wall Planters - This amazing idea from Not Just A House Wife uses hanging mason jars as an indoor herb garden! This idea isn�t just limited to a herb garden you could also use it for storage or decorations, and I think it would work especially well for storing bathroom supplies.

  • Jay Hollingsworth

    DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden. Great indoor idea

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