Harry Potter - so true!.... and this is why my <3 always insists on taking me to Hogwarts even if it means hours in line :)

A book a day.

Feeling irrationally angry when you have to put down your book to do 'real life' things.

Haha I've had these

Coffee and books

Start a new book 10 hours later, realize you haven't eaten or gone to the bathroom.

Reading it is....


This is totally true. I actually look forward to a wait if I've the ability to read during it.

Incredibly true

If you think reading is boring, you're doing it wrong. #books #reading #quotes #stories #bookworm #authors Also, get a $15 credit for Oyster-- it's like Netflix for eBooks at

so true.

So true!

True that!

Sometimes nothing else matters when you're reading a good book.

*le butterflies*