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      George and Sedena Capanelli from Age Nation will speak at the Self-Care Bliss Weekend - Aging well and wisely: Solutions for People Who Weren't Born Yesterday! Are you in the second half of life? Then this is for YOU! Join us for this special day - just click on this link for more information and to register for the event:

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      5 Ways to Revive Your #Dream

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    These 50 famous quotes are why cartoon is the most inspirational form of media

    Rescue an animal - please!


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    Everything that you are seeking, is seeking you. Therefore everything you want is already yours. You don't have to get anything. It is simply becoming more AWARE of everything you ALREADY posses.

    Are you or someone you know a pessimist? Do you struggle with negativity? New studies show what the Bible has already said- it is possible to change! Here is a practical, encouraging look at how to become a positive person. Pin for yourself or someone you love :)

    Rescue an animal - please!

    Happiness is a choice, nobody should have that much influence over you. Never surrender the outcome of your own worth or destiny to anyone but Christ. It is idolatry to follow anyone else's plans for you that don't adhere to God's written word. You're spouse and your destiny should coincide and it's not love to change, alter or challenge what God has placed in your heart as a ministry. Love will always support you, be there for you and lift you up in prayer and action. Love abounds - Steven Vale


    You are so much stronger than you think.

    Hope when you take that jump .You don't fear the fall I Lived.

    Time heals nothing unless you move along with it.

    kindness • lettering by susanna april

    hell yes.

    Harry Potter.

    INSANE Calling!