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Siri being sarcastic

Funny Siri Questions

I love Siri and am always trying to think of new things to ask it.

LMAO!! You know I actually tested this to see if Siri actually says this? It does!! lol - try it! :)

why Siri, i had no idea you are a ganster too!

Siri. So, cell phones are supposed to be 'useful in emergencies'? okay.

HAHAHA....thanks Siri

Siri, you naughty girl you...☺

Siri can be very stubborn sometimes.

Siri, you're so funny.

Siri knows slang...

Apparently Siri's not into social media...

Siri and I's relationship is obviously one sided...

Love siri #funny #lol

Siri ....funny

Funny conversation with siri

Siri tells a short story pt.1

Siri tells a short story pt.2

Merry Christmas, Siri

Legend has it. ..