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    Wow. I never realized how well these three fit together according to the Deathly Hallows.

    Adele's "Skyfall" and Harry Potter. This worked perfectly! Cried a little...

    Snape not only deflects McGonagall’s attack but uses it to take down Alecto and Amycus in a single armwave behind his visual field. Like they both had their wands out too but BOY they did not see that coming. Snape knew that he needed to get rid of them before being driven out of the castle so that they wouldn’t harm any of the students. Honestly I can't believe I didn't realize he did this.

    14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand - NO NO NO, Draco DEFINITELY got hotter in the last movies, he didn't stay the same. But... Neville... that's pretty accurate. (: Also, Harry should have gone like Snape did.


    Friends crossover

    J.K. Rowling is a genius

    Mind blown

    O.O Mind. Blown.


    I feel like I shouldn't pin this. But I also feel like it's mandatory.

    How Harry Potter Should Have Ended. Awesome. Rowling, you dropped the ball here.

    three brothers

    I didn't even realize I did it the first time, and now I can't stop.

    Awesome! Never realized this!


    Well hello there, boys.

    Three Brothers.

    Harry potter facts. I was surprised that there had been 6 cators playing Voldemort so here are the details