Wow. I never realized how well these three fit together according to the Deathly Hallows.

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why did i never think of that? not that i ever really wondered why he was bald in the first place.

Three Brothers.

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Harry Potter fandom posts part 5 - Knew some of these but had not thought of the roads.

I will gladly take this advice

Harry Potter Facts #119: Typical of everything in the wizarding world, this street doesn't run straight; it runs "diagonally."

Gains invisibility cloak. Visits library. (Harry Potter) harry is one of us! Come on, thats what i'd do 😂

I accept this headcanon.

Snape not only deflects McGonagall’s attack but uses it to take down Alecto and Amycus in a single armwave behind his visual field. Like they both had their wands out too but BOY they did not see that coming. Snape knew that he needed to get rid of them before being driven out of the castle so that they wouldn’t harm any of the students. Honestly I can't believe I didn't realize he did this.

Harry Potter was written to have been born in 1980. Seventeen years later, in 1997, the battle of Hogwarts ended. The first Potter book was also written in this year. Freaky deaky. Also, James Sirius Potter starts his first day of Hogwarts tomorrow (1st September 2015). Just think about all this.

Yet another reason J.K. Rowling is amazing

This is kind of bizarre...but I have a special place in my heart for HP fanfics, so... :)

Well hello there, boys.

All the more reason 7 is my favorite number

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Funny Harry Potter Stuff | Never realized that? | Harry Potter Funny Stuff!!

i am the harry potter generation. this was and is such a big part of who i am and where i came from. mischief managed. i love you all, even if you are fictional characters.