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Nyiragongo Volcano, Democratic Republic of Congo

Hawaii Went on a helicopter ride so far down into the volcano we felt the heat. The most exciting thing I have ever done!!!

I know I'd probably be shaking uncontrollably while pissing my pants from being extremely terrified.. But this would be an AMAZING moment to see and take pictures of.

Pastel pink and azure blue seascape. Previous pinner wrote: "The radiant beauty of nature is breathtaking."

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~~Lava Falls ~ Morinsheiði, the eruption in Fimmvörðuháls, Iceland by Snorri Gunnarsson~~

Lava Falls. (At Morinsheiði, the eruption in Fimmvörðuháls displayed a burst of energy, creating a beautiful fall of lava.) By Snorri Gunnarsson via Flickr

VOLCANO-In Tiger's Destiny our heroes enter the fire realm. The trees glow, the rivers are molten, the waterfalls made of lava. In this place water becomes a weapon so it's fortunate that Kelsey has acquired Durga's necklace. She uses it to not only cool down the lava tubes that lead to the fire realm but also to save Ren and Kishan from a beautiful but deadly Rakshasa queen.

Would you ever want to live in an area that has active volcanoes? Explain your choice. OR Would you ever be interested in becoming a volcanologist (one who studies volcanoes)? Explain your choice.