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    Doctor Who.

    • Gem Stone

      His face. You tell just from his expression that he is both disgusted by the cat and disappointed that Rose wasn't talking about him.

    • Stephanie✨

      The doctor loves her so much I mean he is upset from a cat I love the love he has for her miss you rose 😭😰

    • Malena Landon

      Oh, his face! Rose Tyler and I actually have something in common! I would totally do this.

    • Tarese Bradbury

      Oh, his face! What about me, Rose? Am I a beautiful boy? Love me, Rose.

    • Stokkseyri

      "Well aren't you a beautiful boy" #DoctorWho #TenthDoctor #Rose

    • Tiffiany Jones

      The Doctor jealous of a ginger cat.

    • Kalynn Ruis

      Rose Tyler. Doctor Who. His face.

    • Cassandra Martinez

      Oh, his face! Dr who

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    This picture has been flying over the internets, often mistaken for David Tennant and Matt Smith filming the 50th. It reality it's two very good, very popular Cosplayers out at a function recently. Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle on Facebook posts updates like this (and links) regularly.

    Oh, his faces...

    XD XD

    i loved this scene so much

    Bahaha! His face!

    Oh, my god.

    The avengers hawk eye funny picture Facebook tumblr twitter post hilarious meme / iFunny :) HAHAHAHAA

    Her face...

    That face!

    His face.

    9 was my first doctor 10 was my best friend 11 was my favorite 12 is like the cool uncle

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    Doctor Who. Haha when The Doctor is no longer jealous of Rose's ex cause he's just a pet now!

    This ALWAYS makes me laugh XD

    "I only wear them because they make me look clever." My heart always skips a beat when the Doctor puts on his glasses :)

    His face...

    look at the doctors face ♥

    Oh, Ten

    Funny Doctor Who picture. this is great.