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I've always thought that everyone in your life is for a reason but I've never thought that maybe you meet people because they need you in their life.

How you look catches my eye how you treat me gets me interested but your personality... your personality is what I will always fall in love with. #sotrue

Focus on what you have to gain...not what you have to give up. Me included!! change is very hard for that exact reason!!

"some pages turned, some bridges burned but there were lessons learned." :)

I will always miss a good friend I used to have... I know that she's not in my life any more for a reason... I know I will never have another friendship like the one we had. & I will always, always, always, love her. :( losing your best friend is like death.

I'm pretty sure this is a re-post, but it's too well said. Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you.

it's true...repeating past mistakes scares the hell out of me.... Always remember the past and NEVER visit it again