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Classroom management tips! (Short list that I feel is great for secondary teachers to read through!)

Teach your students about the "9 Key Ps" of digital citizenship as you help them acquire both proactive and experiential knowledge of the online world.

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking One of my favs is #7- Socratic discussions. If you haven't tried these, I encourage you to do so!

The Value of Financial Literacy | With nearly 20 percent of Americans living beyond their means, education about personal finance is critical. Research indicates that teaching finance to students yields greater money-management skills that carry well into adulthood. 1 out of 5 Americans lives beyond his or her means...

Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek looks at the ethical and practical sides of digital citizenship, and suggests a mindful path for teaching the necessary skills in the elementary grades. Bonus: Includes suggested digital citizenship checklists for middle schoolers.

Teachable Moments for Digital Citizenship. When you ask students to .... show, discuss, model it! | #infographics made in Piktochart

project-based learning vs. problem-based learning both are extending learning experiences

Flip Your Class: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day

Research-Supported PBL Practices | Manor's Success Metrics. High School and Beyond. Average rates for high school graduation, high school drop-out, and college enrollment immediately after high school. State Standards. Percent of students passing state standards in social studies, science, English language arts, and math.

What Is A Flipped Classroom? (Updated For 2013) I would be interested if I knew every student had the proper technology at home. I do not think it would be wise for younger than 5th grade students to practice this type of lesson. But hey, that is my opinion.