It is well with my soul...1.paint a piece of wood white ANY SIZE. 2.take a newpaper or sheet music for any song. 3.modgepodge it onto a piece of wood 4.put letter stickers and pictures on the wood (purchase at micheals) 5. paint everything with a wood paint. 6. let dry fully 7. peel off letters and stickers (be careful) 8. modgepodge the entire thing, let dry.

No need to be aggressive, when assertive will do when accomplishing this feat. This is exactly the motto that I want my girls to grow up with.

1 CO 8 - 9 8 The one who plants is no greater than the one who waters; both will be rewarded based on their work. 9 We are gardeners and field workers laboring with God. You are the vineyard, the garden, the house where God dwells.

You have to get hurt. That’s how you learn. The strongest people out there, the ones who laugh the hardest with a genuine smile, those are the people who have fought the toughest battles. Because they’ve decided that they’re not going to let anything hold them down, they’re showing the world who’s the boss.

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