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  • Lori Galati

    photo credit - Savannah by Trevor Coe

  • Kim Moog

    “Before I Die is a global public art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in public space. Originally created on an abandoned house in Candy’s neighborhood in New Orleans after losing someone she loved, the project is about remembering what is important to you and creating public spaces that better reflect what matters to us as a community and as individuals” (Source: well worth watching her TED Talk video.

  • Pocket Dictionary

    I'm going to build one of these on my next trip to Cambobo! Simple project, but it can make people stop & think about what a person really wants to do & get out of life.So important to have an idea about you're passions & believe it's possible to pursue & achieve.Rather thrilling to be able to write down one of your desires for the world to see, and at the same time, be able to read everyone else's, even if you don't know who wrote it.I'm so curious to see what people will write in this country.

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