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"Unschooling is about letting go and trusting and following the child’s lead. And most of the time it’s a mindset that doesn’t really happen overnight. It’s a gradual letting go of what you’ve been taught about learning and children and education, and an increasing trust in the process of natural learning."

11 Helpful Homeschool Websites That Are Free

With smartphones, tablets, and computers in every home it's nice to be able to find amazing homeschool resources online. Here are 11 amazing homeschool sites that offer free content to teach your homeschoolers or to supplement your homeschool lessons. |

Unschooling How it Can Look in the Real World

Unschooling and How it can Look in the Real World, Letting go of the "Norm" and trusting your kids interests to guide you on a homeschool journey.

Unschooling Isn't Mysterious

Unschooling Isn't Mysterious :: Amy takes the mystery out of unschooling, debunking some common myths of this method of home education. ::

An Unschooling Approach to Teaching Writing

When people hear the word ‘unschooling’ they sometimes write off the entire conversation. They picture kids playing video games all day long while mom reads a book and that is FAR from the truth.

Biology Unit Study Resources

Biology Unit Study Resources including fun human biology lesson plans, body systems simulation projects, biology worksheets and biology videos and clips.