Book page, sheet music, etc., used with twine and clothes pin : Super cute wrap idea for small gifts

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Love this gift wrapping idea. Especially for a pet gift. Not that they could appreciate the creativity! haha

free printable tags... love the look

Gift wrapping ideas!

DIY Wonderful Gift Box via Top 10 Creative DIY Gift Box Ideas - When we are talking about wrapping gifts the first thing that comes to our mind is those fancy gift boxes we can put our gift in. They are practical, they look great and you can customize them however you want. Also, they can be a bit pricey if you want to buy them. So, why not try and do a gift box by yourself? How? Just follow one of out Top 10 Creative DIY Gift Box Ideas:

Ideas For Wrapping Presents #wrapping #presents

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super cute packaging idea. strip of lace, long bits of string and a little charm tied on with a bow. I like this for wrapping favors....maybe homemade soaps or something.

6 Ideas for a vintage style Christmas gift wrap. These gift wrapping ideas make your the wrapping a Christmas gift itself. And they are easy!

Gift-Wrap Ideas for Kids Presents

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