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hahahha had to. totally

Member this? Ha, so true.Funny thing is, Now my daughter has this drawn every where and she thinks its so cool. Funny how things still happen even with your kiddos!

Gimp - I spent hours making bracelets with this stuff in the '70's. #camp craft supplies http://www.ecrafty.com/c-81-craft-supplies.aspx

gimp strings - loved making keychains and lanyards out of this at summer school/camp.

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a contestant on this show ... and subsequently, may or may not have played this game at Walmart with friends during college.

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

oh yes! (still do with my students :-P )

50 things you will never be able to forget kids) I definitely coated my hands in Elmer's glue just to peel it off.must see this list. So TRUE

remember this moment?.......

Roller skates and Boombox.we lived in our rollerskates, best memories, summertime fun!

Oh my goodness... zaboomafoo!!!!!! I watched it all the time when I was that little itty bitty girl!!!!!!!!

"While walking in the woods one day, Chris and Martin saw something strange. A little leaping lemur who liked to bounce and play." Zoboomafoo was my favorite childhood TV show. Oh, the nostalgia!

if you did this, your definately born in the 80's, grew up in the 90's and  this was your entertainment

Funny My Childhood As a Kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice

I still play this with the kids

Oh yes : ) My brother and I used to play this game and every balloon was a planet. When a balloon one would hit the floor, we would just move onto the next planet.so much fun back in the day. It didn't take much to entertain us!


Funny pictures about Scariest game of my childhood. Oh, and cool pics about Scariest game of my childhood. Also, Scariest game of my childhood.


Long before Nickelodeon there was a Canadian TV show that slimed people called "You Can't Do That On Television"