Only every day.

didn't everyone?

#CurrentSituation Also have a nasty headache that won't go away. Anyone else awake? #womanproblems #cantsleep #letmesleep #leavemealone by blessedmama86




i did this and so do my kids ;)

do this all the time

SO glad I walked away when I did! Looking back it was doing nothing but tearing me down. You should NEVER feel like you have to prove anything to ANYONE. Because those that truly love you will show you in every way possible that you won't have time to worry about proving anything! #ThankGodifoundthegoodingoodbye

Now that's funny stuff, right there.

Ha ha ha! I'm pretty sure NOBODY has ever confused my family with a nice, normal family!!!!! They may be a bunch of whackjobs, but they are MY whackjobs and I love them all!!!! :)

Totally guilty of this...

90's kids

Those were the days.

That awkward moment... I do it all the time ;) Hehe

Now ain't that the truth! I love this one! Good one Heidi!

You know you did, in fact, I still do!!