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Native American Indian Dog

Yes I know I am the bird whisperer



Bull terrier portrait

Smile! I think he is from Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland!

Pug chillin on the beach next to her peeps

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd.

Judy was a ship's dog on board HMS Gnat & HMS Grasshopper before & during WWII. She helped save the lives of the crew of the Grasshopper following the sinking of the ship. Once captured by the Japanese, helped the men in the POW camp. She struck up a friendship with Frank Williams, whom she spent the rest of her life. She was the only dog to be registered as a WWII POW. She survived in the jungles of Sumatra after the guards had sentenced her to death. She was awarded the Dickin Medal.

Scottish Deerhound- one of the largest dogs in the world !

Story time

Irma trained at the Ministry of Aircraft Production Dog School and is credited with saving hundreds of lives. Her ability to locate victims through the most dense and difficult obstacles constantly astounded her handlers. Any sign of life she detected would be signalled with a single, distinctive bark. She often seemed distressed when a fatality was brought to the surface, and, poignantly, would always lick the victim's face or hand as they were lifted or stretchered away.

A very courageous little dog saved all her babies during a fire, by bringing them one by one from a burning house to the steps of the firefighters' truck.


Catahoula Leopard Dog...

Old English Sheep Dog



Sleeping Pug pets

Afghan hound in the wind!


Old English Sheepdog


beautiful Doberman