Henriette Delille Her African  Slave GGGrandmother after her freedom  amassed enough money to free her daughter & two grandsons.Henrietta's mother a free Quadroon Creole of color (French,Spanish & Africaan) Her father was French & Italian.Her parents were not allowed by law to marry. Henrietta did not want to live & pass as white or marry in a Placeage system.In1843 she founded the Catholic order of Sisters of the Holy Family ,made up of free women of color in New Orleans. She died at age…

Mlle Mauti - The Absurdity of Caste Prejudice in Nineteenth Century New Orleans

...African American Woman Suffrage Women’s League Picture

5 female Negro officers of Women's League, Newport, R. For more on the African American experience visit Discover Black Heritage , a travel guide to African American history and culture.

Gullah Geechee People | The Gullah are the descendants of enslaved Africans who lived in the low country regions of Georgia and South Carolina, which includes both the coastal plains and the Sea Islands. Historically, the Gullah region extended from the Cape Fear area on North Carolina's coast south to the vicinity of Jacksonville on Florida's coast, but today the Gullah area is confined to the Georgia and South Carolina low country.

The Gullah are African Americans who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia, which includes both the coastal plain and the Beaufort Sea Islands.ask anyone who lives in Charleston.

These 3 girls were part of a group of former slaves from New Orleans sent to the North on a publicity tour to raise money for schools that served former slaves run by abolitionist groups after the Union Army occupied much of Louisiana in 1863, and to arouse the sympathy of countrymen who were preoccupied by war, and ambivalent on the issue of  slavery. One of the major reasons for the great success of this campaign was that four of the children were of mixed race.....but looked white.

The 'white' slave children of New Orleans: Images of pale mixed-race slaves used to drum up sympathy among wealthy donors in 1860s

The 'white' slave children of New Orleans: Images of pale mixed-race slaves used to drum up sympathy among wealthy donors in

1860s - Emancipated Slave Children ... Slave children, freed and brought North by abolitionists to emphasize the plight of slaves. The proceeds from sale of the photographs were to be used to educate freed slaves who had come under the jurisdiction of the Union Army in the New Orleans area. A caption on the reverse of one of these photographs points out that the children had been turned out of a hotel in Philadelphia because of their “color.”

Kimball American (active Rebecca, an Emancipated Slave, from New Orleans, 1863 Photograph, Carte-de-visite Am.

The yellow brick road from the abandoned theme park "The Land of Oz" in Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Eerie photo of the Yellow Brick Road from an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina. Two cool ideas. One, find the broken down yellow road. Two, that there was a Wizard of Oz theme park.

Fifty years ago, a small group boarded a bus in Washington D.C. to challenge racial segregation in the deep South. They were nearly burned alive in Alabama. Then hundreds of activists joined the movement to keep the rides going. Host Michel Martin speaks with two Freedom Riders about this historical episode. Congressman Bob Filner and Rev. Reginald Green were college students when joining and were consequently jailed.

The Freedom Riders was a movement consisted of activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States. They wanted to challenge the US supreme court 's decision that public buses were to remain segregated.


Elizabeth Ann Grier, the first African-American woman licensed to practice medicine in Georgia. She was an emancipated slave who alternated every year of her medical education with a year of picking cotton in order to pay for her training.

French Creole | Mulattoes, Mixed Race, and Creoles Dwight D Eisenhower Mother was a woman of Color

Dwight D Eisenhower's Mother was a woman of Color / French Creole, Mulattoes, Mixed Race & Creoles