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    You have to order fritten aka fries when you're in Germany. I ordered some with mayo and curry sauce when I was in Dusseldorf via Round The World Girl

    Herring - I wasn't a fan myself but I tried it at the Albert Cuyp Market, a street market in Amsterdam via Round The World Girl

    All hail the king of Indonesian street food: martabak!

    The famous Kogi tacos in Los Angeles via Round The World Girl

    Landhaus's grilled maple bacon on a stick found at Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn Flea Market in New York City via Round The World Girl

    Febo - the ultimate streetfood in Amsterdam

    Eat tasty stree tfood at Richmond BC's Night Market, the biggest in North America via Round The World Girl

    ひな鳥 1号店 in 新宿区, 東京都. Via "The Street Food Issue" of Lucky Peach. "Hinatori traffics in yakitori (skewered grilled things). A few of the menu items, served by Mrs. Kou and her daughter (no photos, please): hina (young chicken breast); tsukune (chicken meatball); oringii mushrooms; pig tongue; pig liver; sunagimo (chicken gizzards)."

    モツ焼き ウッチャン in 新宿区, 東京都. Via "The Street Food Issue" of Lucky Peach. . "The menu at U-Chan reads like a greatest-hits compilation of drinking eats. There's a buta motsu (a pork stew); rare liver; harami (skirt steak seared quickly tataki-style); more harami, this time served with negi and plucky ponzu sauce; macaroni salad, tongue sashimi; and, of course, nikomi (a musky tripe stew with negi, tofu, and konnyaku - a dark, fiber-rich jelly made from potato-like konjac)

    そば処 かめや 新宿店 in 新宿区, 東京都. Via "The Street Food Issue" of Lky Pch. "At Kameya...The restaurant's signature dish is tempura soba. Behind the water cauldrons, a cook deep-fries huge rafts of kakiage - tempura fritters made with negi (Japanese onions), carrot and the herb mitsuba. Broth, soba, a fritter, and a boiled egg go into a bowl. Diners throw on a flurry of the spice mix shichimi, arm themselves with a spoon and chopsticks, and commence slurping."

    大和寿司 in 築地, 東京都. Sushi x Tsukiji = Daiwa...Famous for their meltingly soft anago (conger eel)

    築地井上 in 築地, 東京都. "This old school shoyu ramen is not overly spectacular, but it just knows how to hit the spot. So remember, the next time you head down to Tsukiji to taste some incredibly fresh and amazingly delicious sushi, don't be afraid to wash it down with some ramen." (via Keizo @

    Daitoryo in 東京, 東京都

    のんべい横丁 in 宇田川町, 東京都

    思い出横丁 (Omoide Yokocho / Memory Lane) in 新宿区, 東京都 When in need of your own private Blade Runner scene, head here:

    亀戸餃子 本店 in 江東, 東京都 This tiny neighborhood shop specializes in just one dish - gyoza. Gyoza and a frosty beer, what else do you need? H/T to Ono and Salat's "Japanese Soul Cooking"

    めん馬鹿一代 (men baka ichidai) in 京都市, 京都府. Serious Eats' meant serious business when they selected this spot for their "The 15 Best Things I Ate in Japan" list. They light the ramen on fire! FIRE! www.seriouseats.c...

    あべの たこやき やまちゃん 本店 in 大阪市阿倍野区, 大阪府. "Yamachan is one of the most popular takoyaki restaurants in Osaka, where the snack originated. What makes Yamachan’s takoyaki distinctive is the taste of the dough, which blends original chicken soup stock cooked with various fruits and vegetables, and Japanese style soup of kelp and bonito." via theculturetrip

    お好み焼・鉄板焼 八誠 in 広島市中区, 広島県. A low-key okonomiyaki spot that Ryuichi Sakamoto frequents. via theculturetrip:

    初代秀ちゃん in 福岡市, 福岡県. Any place that offers "Tonkotsu Ramen with Fried Pork Fat," I repeat "FRIED PORK FAT" seems a little off but I trust the folks at Serious Eats, especially if it made their "The 15 Best Things I Ate in Japan" list: www.seriouseats.c... (Hide-Chan, Ramen Stadium Canal City 5F, Hakata, Fukuoka)

    日本再生酒場 新宿三丁目 in 東京, 東京都. Crash course in Motsu or Horumon via Serious Eats: www.seriouseats.c... and www.seriouseats.c...

    博多長浜ラーメン みよし in 京都市, 京都府 H/T to the Ramen Shaman at Umami Mart for the find!

    登運とん in 有楽町, 東京都. One of the "The 15 Best Things I Ate in Japan" according to Serious Eats: www.seriouseats.c...